• Breeze Flame Air-Motion Flameless Pillar Candle
      Breeze Flame - Battery Operated Flameless Pillar Candle - 4x6 Ivory

You will not be able to tell the difference between a real flame pillar candle and the Breeze Flame Flameless candle. Breeze Flame, like its name, reacts to air movement like a real flame. LED candles are great, but ever wonder why they flicker and strobe so much. A real candle doesn't flicker all of the time. Well, our new Breeze Flame Pillar Candles stop the frenzied flickering nonsense! We believe that an LED candle should not only save you money and be safe, but should also "look and act" like a real candle! Other moving flames designs focus entirely on a waggling fake flame on top the candle. Breeze Flame puts the focus back where it should be, on the ambiance and effects created by a real candle. Breeze Flame technology senses slight air movement and flickers in relation to that movement, -just like a real candle. Less air movement equates to less flickering, the way it should be. Combine this patented technology with our high end LED's and you have the perfect mix of realism. Breeze Flame can also be set to automatically turn on when breeze as low a s 2.5mph is sensed and turn off automatically with a timer. Use outdoors or in to create the perfect candle lit look and feel.

Patented Breeze Flame technology, flickers when triggered by air movement
Premium Wax - Thick Unscented White Color Standard -Made in USA
(3) Three High Quality LED's For Maximum Realism
(1) One Year Manufacturers Warranty
On/Off Bottom Located Slide Switch

INCLUDES: (1) Breeze Flame Candle (3xAA Batteries Not included)

    Safety: eliminates fire danger and personal injury.
    Zero Emissions: no soot or air contaminates.
    Energy Reduction: produces no heat, lowering AC energy needs.

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Breeze Flame Air-Motion Flameless Pillar Candle

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