• - ScentsOil SPRING 5-pack

New! ScentsOil™ ... the latest in aromatherapy oils! ScentsOil™ is an innovative formulation that moves Aromatherapy from casual to everyday use. Finally your Aroma Burners and Diffusers can be a focal point of everyday life! This 5 piece Sampler Set includes one bottle of the following fragrances: Size: 4 Ounce Bottle each

--> Apple Blossom - An apple orchard in spring … this warm fragrance offers the top note scent of the apple blossom with undertones of green and ripening apples.

--> English Lavender - Imagine fields of fresh sweet lavender … the scent wafting thought a light breeze … a smooth calming fragrance.

--> French Pear - A deliciously fragrant blend of juicy pears delicately combined with undertones of rich lychee and natural honey.

--> Ginger Lily - The fresh sweet scent of this Ginger Lily bloom (also called the Butterfly Lily) releases a light earthy ginger balanced by the delicate floral. Referred to as a healing Lily.

--> Seaside Mist - A clean inviting fragrance with peony, water lily and lavender softness warmed by light wood tones.

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- ScentsOil SPRING 5-pack

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